Work / Life

Work / Life


Over the last 25 years, I have exhibited in university, non-profit and commercial gallery spaces here in New York and throughout the US and internationally. Some venues that have shown my work: Wave Hill (Bronx), The Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, White Columns, The Drawing Center, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery and Pierogi's Flat Files. I have also shown work at Kunstbunker (Nuremberg), Spaces (Cleveland), CEPA (Buffalo), Artetica (Rome), Yatoo (S. Korea), Staub (g*fzk!)(Zurich), the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Bronx Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Along with my exhibition work, I have editioned more than 10 artist's books and was the Art Editor for the poetry journal Long News in the Short Century. My artists books are distributed by Printed Matter in New York.

My work is represented in the Robert Schiffler Collection, as well as many university and museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art (Special Collections), Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Boston Museum and the Brooklyn Museum.

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I moved from Detroit to Brooklyn shortly after receiving my MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1990. Before that I lived in Providence while working on my BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. And before that I lived in Kansas, Indiana, New York, Florida, North Carolina, back to Kansas, Virginia, Washington DC, Heidelberg, Munich, California and back to Washington DC. Nomad? Nomad. 

For the  last 20 years, I have pursued Japanese martial methods and Chinese meditative and healing arts along side my visual art practice.  In 2012, I retired from training Amagakure no Sato Ryu holding a rank of Okuden Kaiden.  I currently teach Universal Tao and TaoZen Qigong, Taijii and Tao meditation in Brooklyn and am studying Healing Qigong, hoping to complete my Masters of Medical Qigong in 2017...  And I travel regularly to Asia and Europe to continue my studies of Taiji and Neigong with my main teacher and friends.