1000 Coordinates of Violence

1000 Coordinates of Violence - Installation

1000 paper sheets, each pierced by a 22 caliber bullet and bearing the longitude and latitute of a site of violence somewhere on the planet between the years 1 and 1999 C.E.  Without place or event information, we can't engage our usual defense mechanisms against confronting unremitting human violence... "It was so long ago..."  "It was so far away..."  or worse, "7000 dead is not so many, what about..."  Hopefully, by not hiding in these defenses, we can contemplate this history with a different, more open, mind.

Shown are two very different iterations of this installation.  The grid display was shown in a repurposed Wold War II bunker in Nuremburg Germany, "Kunstbunker."  The cloud like configuration of the sheets filled a repuposed storefront in New York City run by Chashama.  

1000 Coordinates of Violence - Artist's Book

from Printed Matter's catalog:
As the title suggests, this book compiles a list of the exact longitude and latitude of 1000 cities that have been sites of aggression between the years 1 and 2000 C.E. Culled from the artist's local library resources and edited at her own discretion, the list disclaims comprehensiveness. Instead, as Maher explains in the introduction, this book attempts to collapse the temporal and geographic distance we maintain between historical violent events and our own lives, leading the reader into an "examination of our relationship to the profound and unremitting violence of history." Included in the back is a list of activist, peace-seeking websites.

Lithograph and color xerox. 2001.


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