Several Years ago I shifted my art practice to align with and reflect my other practices of Taoist meditation, qigong and taiji.  I was and am especially interested in the tensions between the art-making of western culture that is my "home" and the Asian body-mind practices I've been drawn to and pursued for over 20 years.  I'm not so interested in learning to execute the pure forms of Asian art.  Instead I'm exploring a combination or collision of Shodo (calligraphic ink painting) and my western, conceptually based practice.  

There is a meditative practice sometimes called "First Stroke" in which you center yourself, become present, then make your brushed mark... before  before the intellect, ego or inner critic can intervene.  Perhaps a first cousin to automatic writing, the ink drawing arises more from the unconscious, or perhaps the whole person, rather than from the sliver focused on final product or external acceptance.

Lately, I’m obsessed with these me/not-me strokes and daubs, with chasing my own personal “now” and the exquisite moment of making a luscious mark…