Archive: Installations & Objects

Archive: Objects & Installations:

Here are several Installations.  Most have to do with Nature and Birds, including the installation at Wave Hill honoring Emily Dickinson.

About my 21st Century Natural History work...

Contemplating birds’ experience of being alive has been deeply moving: They’re utterly present all the time and able to rise into the sky at will… So different from our version of the world. Spending time with such different ways of being helps me illuminate the edges of what is taken for Real or True from our human perspective. And it’s been disquieting to realize how ego-centric and self-serving our truths can be.

Birds are everywhere (for now), so they’re opportune teachers of other ways of being. Yet animals and geography are instructive as well… In a way I am a 21st Century Natural History artist. But instead of cataloging the amazing discoveries of new lands like artists of the 18th and 19th Centuries, I bear witness to the human myopia fueling the demise and unbalancing of fauna and flora populations that are essential to our survival, but that we cannot protect from our short-term hungers. Most poignant of all is how fatal it is for any of them to be “of interest” to us humans:  

Don’t be Dangerous, or Beautiful, or Delicious if you want to survive.