About my "Bird Works"

I have spent years ‘with birds’ in one way or another. I am interested in their ubiquity and invisibility in my urban world. I am impressed by their complete presence in their (tiny) moment. I am envious of their three dimensional movement and communal flock flight…  These series try to touch what it is about them that holds my attention… 

Birdness Series No. 1 (Hummingbirds)

My imagination was caught by a factoid:  The Ruby Throated Hummingbird's wings move at 80 beats per second.  After further digging, I found that Hummingbird species are often measured by their beats per second.  In Birdness No. 1, a species wingspan and wing speed in beats-per-second is combined to invent a more experiential way to draw bird flight. ...One that conveys the effort as well as the power.  Series of 20 Diptych, (12x18 inches), on Kitakata paper.

Birdness Series No. 2 (Small North American Birds)

The same method and investigation is used for other bird species measured by the speed of their wings.  Only 12 species were found to be described that way.  Series of 12 Diptych (16x20 inches).

Birdness Series No. 3 (Speckle Styles)

This series of 30 print-drawings presents only the speckle patterns of pigeons: the rest of the bird has been redacted. The patterns are printed on handmade watercolor paper , then drawn over with heavy graphite.

No. 3 records the individuality of beings that –to us—are utterly interchangeable. That individuality is stressed with titles taken from style names of women’s wigs that in some way touch on Birdness, i.e, “The Raven,” or “Flying High” to light heartedly underscore a connection between our ‘speckle styles’ and theirs.