Books: Editioned and Unique

My Book Work

Along with my Installations and work on paper, I have editioned over 10 artists books and made unique books and manipulated found books. Here are some of them.  Generally, I work with books in two ways:

-Unique books or manipulated found books (usually vintage), either as a single object or used in an installation.

-Editioned books that I try to keep reasonably priced and so accessible.  Most of these books deal with our cultural delusions about war, violence or madness.

While this work often takes a sharp look at my culture and myself, I like to think it is basically optimistic.  However, sometimes my fear and anger leaks out... This happens most often when I'm confronting humanity's inability to evolve --beyond killing each other or the Earth's other resident beings.

Printed Matter ( distributes my editioned books, but please inquire if interested and you wish to purchase from me directly. 

from Printed Matter:

New York-based visual artist Miranda Maher has self-published a dozen artists’ books over the past 25 years under her imprint Horse in a Storm Press. Maher’s work is largely interested in how–taken collectively–instances of conflict or aggression can be distilled down and newly understood. It asks of us: How are these moments processed? What is the power of standing witness to the violence done between people (and who, after all, gets seen)? In re-documenting the sites and circumstance of recorded violence –whether that be in rape statistics from the FBI database, or source material tracking across 2000 years of warfare – there is something to be gleaned in the sheer volume of the tally her works keep. The artworks, as Maher acknowledges, may not prevent or deter violence, but the simple act of registering these moments, of taking stock, and being witness to it front-on is difficult work as well.