Dream Geographies

About Dream Geographies work

Along with birds, dreams, subjective geographies and ambient sound persist in my work because they can dislodge our unexamined certainties with an uncanny, “not quite right” version of the familiar and allow us to scrutinize the contingent nature of our world view.  

I have been drawn into the spaces of my dreams for a long time... cramped, high, or as wide as a prairie, we grow them in an instant.  I often get a deeper sense of my emotional landscape from the spaciousness (or lack of it) of my dreams.  The planet's geography (which pretends to be more stable) and our methods for capturing it, tug at me too.  Maps and plans, aerial photographs and star charts offer a taste of places we can't visit just now.  Maybe part of their attraction is an illusion of possession they seem to offer.  Along with this, my own travels have been another way to taste (and through photographs own) moments spent in places I never thought I'd see, with so many others I never knew existed until we all landed in the same square or museum on the exact same morning.

* * *

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