Rivers of My Childhood, All Straightened Out

Rivers from my Childhood, All Straightened Out

As a child I believed that I would have everything "all straightened out" when I grew up: no doubt, no angst, no mistakes. (You're laughing, I can hear it.) I also had my own geography. One full of romantic images and big stories that had little to do with science.  I collected and ‘straightened’ 13 rivers that I loved back then. This drawing links 3 of them, with no indication of which is which. The choices were not logical or comprehensive. It's a child's cartography.

Graphite (recto and verso) and red ink on Kitakata gampi paper. 6 inches by 32 feet. Above are many photos of one 32 foot drawing... Hoping that the multiplicity helps show it on a monitor.

* * *

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