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This Moment: Quiet & Spacious as the Moon 

“Ensō” is a particular kind of Zen practice/art practice. It is a painted circle that is said to symbolize the infinite universe and manifest the mind of the practitioner at the moment of making. The most prized Ensō scroll paintings are made by accomplished monks, but the practice is open to us all. Or at least to anyone brazen enough to tackle a universal circle, drawn in a single breath, manifesting the soul. Ha.

These Ensō were painted by me. But then they were scanned and the sumi-e ink is replaced by moon terrain from NASA’s exhaustive catalog of photographs of the solar system. Somehow, dragging a brush around a circle, leaving behind a barren surface of craters, light and shadow seems less daunting than marking a page with my perfected spirit.

The small red stamps, in sumi-e tradition, bear my name transliterated into Japanese kanji by a friend (Beautiful Orchid Field) and two different stamps with the a shorted form of the series title:  "Quiet Spacious Moon"

Open Series. Hahnemühle paper, 9 x 12" inches. 

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