Home Improvement / Found Nests

Home Improvement 2

This series of 9 nests is augmented with the logos of design firms known for luxury apparel. The series pokes fun at our consumer culture values by -improving- the finely crafted bird nests with the cache of designer labels. The nests--all abandoned by their makers--are displayed on thin wood shelves that echo their specific shape. These nests are also the subject of a photograph series called Home Improvement 3, in the next section.

Dimensions of the nests range from 3 to 9 inches in diameter. The wall installation is approximately 3x8 feet.  The installation portion shown was installed vertically, requiring only about 3 linear feet of wall.  However, placement is quite flexible and can meander over larger spaces or be displayed individually.

Found Nests

This series of nests are augmented with 12:1 scale military paraphenalia.  Ammunition and weapons turn this birthing places into bunkers.  A little dark humor about what local fauna might be doing to protect themselves from us.  The installation table display shown is about 24 x 80 inches and uses cloche domes and bisque porcelain to reference both the garden and the specimen collection. 

About my "Nest Work"

All the nests I use have been gathered from people who were able to verify they were truly abandoned (and not just fallow, waiting for the next spring).  Many were given to me by Franklin Boyd who's family periodically clears the nest boxes on their rural property.