Onieric Oology

Oneiric Oology

Dreams, like tiny wind-up message machines, come skittering and whirring out of the darkness into our consciousness. Some are ramshackle, others comic, and some strip us bare. People have entrusted me with their dreams and my tiny writing whispers their stories... weaving an intersecting, polyphonic narrative from the sleeping worlds of people who may never meet in waking life.

Oneirology= Study of Dreams

Oology= Study of Eggs

Wall installation of calipers holding blown eggs of various domestic bird species: Turkey, Duck, Exotic Chicken breeds, quail, Ostrich, Rhea and so on. Dim. Var.  Note that all of these eggs were procured from bird raising farms that sell their infertile eggs (usually to crafters) to supplement their income. In other words, no chicks were harmed in the making of this art.