Practice (Photography Project)

Photographs of Human Practice.  In community or solitude we "do things:" make movements or refrain from moving, take postures, use our breath and mind... To return to being a human being...

There is an intrinsic beauty in our spirit practices.  But to focus on the beauty of the individual seems to miss the point.  So to side-step the egotism of personal display, these photographs use shallow depth of field, slow shutter speed, turned-away faces or in some other way shift our attention from particular individuals to the feeling of their practice, to presence, and the dedication and connection we experience in our varied practices.

This is an ongoing project.  Some of the traditions shown here: 

Chado (The Way of Tea), Tokyo 2012

Qigong (Iron Shirt testing), New York 2012

T'ai Chi [Taiji] (8 Direction Form Class), Chiang Mai 2015

Meditation (Retreat at Tao Garden), Chiang Mai 2015

** If you or your group are interested in participating, please contact me.