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  • Will be posting News and Events here going forward...

    Will be posting News and Events here going forward...

    I will be adding events and new work descriptions here as they come up... take a look at the previous entries for a few postss put up today.

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  • New Book: Crotch

    New Book: Crotch

    I'm happy to share my latest book work.  A unique book of original ink drawings on 108 pages of handmade paper.  The compositions are created by folding the sheets and pairing them with other sheets (in the traditional processs of sewing signatures).  All the ink is anchored in the binding --the crotch-- of the book.

    Approx. 9x6" 


  • Exhibition at Southeby's Art "Imagine"

    Exhibition at Southeby's Art "Imagine"

    My work was included in an exhibition about warfare and violence at Southeby's Institute of Art in December.  Included in the show was a portion of my installation "1000 Coordinates of Violence" (about 400 of the 1000 components).  And the 12 in. x 20 ft. drawing version of "After Reasonable Research".  Check the special page on this site for more information about "Afteer Reseasonablle Research".

    From Southeby's Institute of Art:

    A group exhibition curated by Lara Arslanian and Chloe Smith. 
    Imagine is a group exhibition showcasing a variety of themes and methods explored by a select number of NY-based artists tackling the complexity of warfare. Whilst some artists use propagandist media and video as sourced material for their work, others turn to in-depth research, historiography, and textiles from which they aim to humanize the narrative. The result is an exhibition that explores not only artistic practices in response to war, but subtly pushes for wider cultural contemplation into the meaning of, and responses to, violence.

    The exhibition title Imagine was taken from Liselot van der Heijden’s video piece of the same name. Imagine, usually hopeful and idealistic in nature, is here in direct contrast to the realities of violence and war represented by the series of works on display.  This exhibition aims to guide viewers to imagine alternate realities of the modern era or guide them to face the realities of today. 

    Brittany Prater 
    Liselot van der Heijden
    Miranda Maher
    Sam Sherman
    Jenn Hassin 

  • Open Studios - October 2019

    Open Studios - October 2019

    I was awarded a subsidized studio space at Chashama's "Space to Work" program a couple years back.  It's a wonderful program that has work spaces for artists all over the city.  My studio is in the venerable Brooklyn Army Terminal with about 98 other artists.  Each year, we hold an Open Studio weekend (usually in October).  It's always inspiring and gratifying to have so many interested --and interesting-- visitors. 

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  • 517070ba6448d897-maher-100-coordinates-violence.jpg

    I periodically google my name to check for exhibitions that have included my book work.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn my book, "100 Coordinates of Violence" was included in MOMA's exhibition "Aerial Imagery in Print 1860 until Today" back in 2016!  I'll be googling more often from now on.

    from MOMA's website:

    This exhibition examines the use of traditional publishing in cultivating a discourse around aerial imagery in the 20th and 21st centuries. Beginning with 19th-century literature on the innovations of flight and photography, the exhibit proceeds to addresses aerial photography’s increasing utilization in the 20th century. The show concludes with publications by contemporary artists who incorporate aerial imagery into their work, setting the scene for a second century of elevated viewing.