Traversing my Pacific

I have been engaged in Body-Mind-Spirit practices for many years, with wildly irregular discipline. Most all of them are from Asia, while my ancestors lie from the bogs of Ireland and my family is absolutely American.

The reasons I am drawn in that direction are not that compelling to me any more, I just “continue to continue…”  However, part of my path is being an outsider and that has kept me from openly integrating it in my artwork for a very long time.

There are many of us in this situation. Feeling a ‘disqualification’ to speak from our experience… needing to site (sometimes ad nauseum) our qualifications and the purity of our lineage. Ultimately, it’s just more egoic language. Clinging to the reluctance is just as confining as clinging to arrogance.

Even so, I still cannot bring myself to make work with an insider’s authority, so I make this work about being a stranger in a homeland… about the pebble in my shoe as I walk the path… with my recalcitrant “Unauthorized Heart.”

* * *