Wherever We Go, There We Are

Wherever We Go, There We Are

This ongoing series of "travel photographs" documents not only the places I go, but my fellow tourists crowding them.  Usually I'm photographing them photographing.  "Tourist" has a negative conotation -- that we are floating through, not experiencing the real place or understanding much of what we see.  Perhaps that's true, but us tourists are also emblems of human curiosity and openness.  ...Venturing out to learn and experience, we seek out places we've never been just to "be there" for a while. 

And now, we document (document, document!) our travels with phones and ipads and cameras.  These photographs are taken in "Automatic Panorama" mode with either my Sony A7 or Nikon V3.  They  enjoy some inventive mistakes by the software... I edit them as I would any photograph, for exposure and clarity, but don't erase the camera decisions. 

* * *

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